Did you know that the hex

color code for my main

background, HTML

Light Blue, i


Oh and the hidden text thing

I am doing here? It originated

from spammer/scammers

flooding there sites with

keywords so their sites would

show up on search engines. :)

Welcome to my Homepage!

This is where you'll go to find everything you need to know about me.

Cool little Marquee lol... (10/27/2022) Hey, some images are broken now! I guess that's what happens when you leave your site alone for months on end. -(10/10/2023) Time flies when it's not being lived I guess... Library computer and bad grammar for the win! My Socials

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Who am I?
I am Skruffy_64. Someone who's been lurking between several usernames over the years and finally picked one to stick to. Also decided making a website would be cool. I was mostly right! Interests: Surfing the web, watching youtube long-form stuff (especially about lost media!), anything Nintendo really, TF2, Musicals, music, singing, collecting things, and other stuff not at the top of my head. I'm in school at the moment learning more about computers and stuff.
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