These are the credits for music, websites, and testers/friends.


My Socials: "The World and You" by Tally Hall

My Actually Likes: Freeze Your Brain - Heathers: The Musical - Piano Accompaniment/Rehearsal Track

Websites I Like: World Tour - FUNKe

Gifs: UnderTale OST - Temmie Village 10 Hours HQ

Video Games: 10 Hours Of Wii Theme Music (Mii Song)

???: Al Bowlly: Heartaches

???: EATEOT - It's Just A Burning Memory (Alternate Version) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Effects and Shit

Thanks to DokoDemo for the cursors on Homepage, Adpotables and Liked Websites.

Thanks to sadgrl online (Sadness) for one of the buttons on this site and advice on how my website looks like on Discord.

Thanks to for the effect on REVIEWS.

Thanks to Quackit for the scrolling textboxes.

Thanks to lime360 for the Github button used on my buttons page!


Zonnie - Mobile/Computer Playtester

Websites I Used To Gain HTML Knowledge

The site that helped me the most was W3Schools. Their catagories fixed almost any problem I had.

Both Media College and Stack Overflow helped me randomize the art on Things I Like.

All the people I piggy-backed off of. Thank you random citizen netizens! Your cool websites also had cool code I wouldn't have ever been able to write or figure out on my own. Truely, thank you!