Cool Musicians

Tally Hall is my favorite at the moment. Their "Wonky Rock" is quite good. If you decide to go and listen to them, just try the whole album in one sitting. It's the best way to experience their music.

Toby Fox literally is a god of the piano. I can't go a month without hearing his music at least once.

Artists (Like they draw stuff)

AllyRat is why I'm even here. Her website is what inspired me to make this. She draws a bit of lolita and cutesy stuff.

thegreatrouge literally creates banger after banger art wise. Literally the image under this.

Afro Ninja literal exists trust me.

Piemations makes the funny shit. From Suctioncup Man to his Meet The Amazing Team parody videos, he's good at the funny. (Also his animation style new and old, is good.)

Shadok has been making cool animations since 2015 and even organized Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated. He also makes LOVEWEB which is a cool little web series.