Chromebooks and Virtual Days are the stupid

Like, I get online school or course from home are good for some people, but it's not for everyone. Including me.

I don't get to watch TV or playing video games all day. Can't go and build a snowman or create snow angels.
I have to sit inside a complete school work. It's just more proof to the blinded of how schools work.
I mean I was gonna orginally going to collage after high school, but that was places like Harvard are acting, I may not.
Not like I was going to Harvard to begin with, but they're acting hella wacky. The school system in general is corrupt and dumb. I can't even walk around during lunch because of "safety issues".
I have a brain you dumbasses I think I can walk around a schools hallways by myself. Literally some teachers assistants are power hungry man. They let several people cut ME, but the second I let a friend cut me, it's a problem. And I don't even want to get into the main office's problems. They constantly count people absent when they are present.
Sorry for derailing into general school faults, but it's just broken. I wish they knew how to just teach a bit better.